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tourism and resort management np

This module will also cover budgeting, financing strategies, h�b```�2�taf`f`�s�`X�8�����I�j@�� After I got the +2 result, I was in a huge dilemma about my further studies. The Resort Recreation Club is for students majoring in Resort, Recreation & Hospitality Management that works on networking, professionalism, and knowledge of the hospitality & tourism industry. Students will have the opportunity to examine the operations of hotels and resorts locally as well as overseas. Topics include the demand and supply of a good, production costs, price determination and supply decisions for individual firms in different market structures, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. They will also acquire skills on story-telling techniques, service quality mapping, and operations management. They will learn beyond the classroom boundaries with professional practitioners as their mentors. The online Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Recreation Management program is an integrated degree that includes a core providing the foundation for management of leisure enterprises. Work on tourism-related projects, interact with industry practitioners, and take up a six-month internship. This module aims to impart basic accounting and finance knowledge. and transforming our tourism industry? This module aims at providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and organise meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions / events (MICE) successfully. Resort management is part of the hospitality and lodging industry. This module provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the marketing principles and practices within the context of the tourism and resort industry. Acquire foundational business knowledge in accounting and finance, business law, economics, statistics, as well as user-centred design in business. You can play your part in creating unique tourism experiences when you join our Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management [TRM]. This course will open the door to opportunities around the world as we groom future leaders for the exciting hospitality and tourism … It aims to help students understand the benefits from employing search platforms, social marketing communications and mobile-based communications in the planning and implementation of tourism marketing strategies. This module helps to give students a foundational introduction to their three-year diploma course curriculum and how it prepares them for industry. Start charting your tourism career by joining our Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management (TRM). Topics include the Singapore legal system, law of contract, agency law, law of tort, law of business organisations, introduction to company law, intellectual property law and business ethics. It provides an opportunity for learning through the application of the skills sets, techniques and classroom knowledge gained to real life situations. Common Business Programme (C34) 9 to 16. This module offers students a practical platform to actualise their event plans for a business and/or community entity conceptualised under the Event Creation & Design module. It immerses students in the reality of the business world and helps them understand the impact of globalisation. This module will also cover budgeting, financing strategies, working capital management as well as capital investment analysis. This module focuses on service experience within the context of tourism and its related sectors. International School of Tourism & Hotel Management Phone: +977-1-4434350/4434185 Fax: +977-1-4434177 Gyaneshwor (Opposite German Embassy), P.O.Box:5196 Proprietor , Base Camp Resort, Baidam , Pokhara: 9: Dr. Pradeep Ghimire: Chairman – Fishtail Hospital, Professor – Manipal Teaching Hospital . Discuss the nature of culture and heritage tourism and eco-tourism. Students will discuss how contemporary world affairs affect business strategies that may influence business success. Earn a degree in Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management at Paul Smith’s College to further your path toward the perfect job or career. Click Food & Beverage Business (C46) 5 to 16. The Hotel & Resort Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program is designed for students intending to pursue a career in the hotel and resort industry for supervisory and management roles. The BS in tourism development and management with a concentration in resort and hotel leadership attracts students and professionals who have interests in the diverse areas of knowledge needed within the accommodations sector, knowledge such as: ecological, … Excel Academy of Tourism and hotel managment was established in 09th February 2009 AD by a group of professional in the field of hospitality industry with an aim to generate highly capable and quality workforce to meet the demand of human recource in the field of tourism and hotel industry. The degree is offered completely online and was first launched in the year 2000, making it one of … Resort Management has the resources necessary to address all employment needs of the Association. They will develop written communication skills through crafting business messages such as business letters, emails, and meeting minutes. It equips them with the skills necessary to plan, design and conduct marketing research projects appropriately and effectively. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day operation of a typical airline and the decision-making process through an airline business simulation software. They will develop proficiency in the use of analytics tools and techniques that will enable them to efficiently analyse and report on the underlying trends based on historical tourism and hospitality data, so as to gain greater insights into the business. They will also analyse the working of a typical economy. Emerging marketing trends and issues in the industry and their implications will also be discussed. ... … The module culminates with a post-event evaluation and service-learning reflection of the student’s learning and contribution towards community needs. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Business Management (C94) 7 to 16. The research will be in the context of the tourism industry. TOURISM & RESORT MANAGEMENT COURSE MODULES . By collaborating with industry partners from Airport, Attractions, Cruise and Food & Beverage sectors, students would acquire first-hand knowledge and be sensitised towards the business and operations concerns of key tourism sectors. This module provides students with practical insights and methods into designing content for digital media communication using user-centred design principles and approaches. This module enables students to deliver clear and logical messages to their audience. here to find out more on entry requirements and admissions exercise periods for qualifications such as ‘N(A)’ Level, 'A' Level, ITE, IP, IB and more.​. Students will also be trained to use the Opera Front Office System and gain a real world perspective of today’s hospitality industry. Sport & Wellness Management (C81) 5 to 14 Students will also learn to organise and present data using spreadsheets to aid in their analysis and interpretation. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. The module aims to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of business analytics. Resort Management offers healthcare and other benefits to your full- time staff at competitive rates. You must also have sat for one subject listed in the 2nd group of relevant subjects for the ELR2B2-B Aggregate Type listed �f�F����b]�Ot���g�r�o�e�����Y����٠a�� ��g�$O�K>�u�R��_e This module aims to provide the students with an introduction to programming. The module is designed to equip students with knowledge of digital technologies relating to tourism marketing. All Rights Reserved. 52.1905 TOURISM AND TRAVEL SERVICES MARKETING OPERATIONS (PDE APPROVED TECH PREP PROGRAM) The Hotel, Resort & Tourism Management Program (HTMP) is an instructional program that prepares individuals to perform marketing and management functions in operational responsibilities associated with a wide variety of careers within the hospitality and tourism industries. LEVEL 1.1 . Work on real consultancy projects, and acquire skills in analytics and digital marketing to create innovative customer experiences. They will also be taught how to organise and analyse data, and interpret the results. Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College +977 61-526458, 527903 (BBA, BBA-BI) +977-61-526458, 527903 (BBA, BBA-BI) Gairapatan, Pokhara-4, Nepal (Business Management Center) +977-61-505222, 505078, 505133 (+2, BHM) 81_ ८१ CEO-NTB Tourism satellite Accounting (TSA) को काम सम्पन्न गर्ने । २०७७ जेठ CEO-NTB. Topics covered include destination and resort marketing, public relations and Singapore’s tourism industry initiatives. here. Komodo National Park (Indonesian: Taman Nasional Komodo) is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara.The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones, with a total area of 1,733 km 2 (603 km 2 of it land). Key topics include event conceptualisation, programme planning, event budgeting, event risks management, service contracting, on-site management and post-event evaluation. Topics covered include destination and resort marketing, public relations and Singapore’s tourism industry initiatives. h�bbd```b``V� �� D����u`��`��`� ��̎ �=�d�d�R�L��@�/#c=�|F���� ��� =`I endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 530 0 obj <>stream They attract new guests through active marketing, friendly customer service and adding value to the vacation experience. �6�. 496 0 obj <> endobj 512 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<378CC751AA08458EB05D757901775743><54BE7D55FEE74EC9AE771007D9EC6C5E>]/Index[496 35 532 1]/Info 495 0 R/Length 91/Prev 650026/Root 497 0 R/Size 533/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Classes on luxury cruise liners, theme parks and five-star resorts, and even at special events like the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix. Resort managers oversee the resources and assets of assigned staff, buildings and property. To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have the following GCE ‘O’ Level examination (or equivalent) results. Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management (HRTM) students focus on developing the skills necessary for managing hospitality or tourism service organizations in the context of a resort destination area. The core is enhanced by emphasis areas that direct students toward one of four specializations: tourism, recreation, events or sports. The hospitality management industry has a broad horizon, providing hospitality students the opportunity to pursue interests both in and out of the classroom as they prepare for careers in hospitality. Good job prospects in attractions, food and beverage, hospitality, MICE, travel, and other tourism-related sectors. The module would feature field-trips to relevant facilities and a regional cruise for out-of-classroom learning. Copyright © 2020, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. These degree programs look at how to make clients and customers feel more comfortable and satisfied while traveling. Our research reveals that investment in nature-based tourism would greatly contribute to developing regional accommodation, catering and other services, and this could be an appropriate starting point for the NP management to strengthen the NP and local community interaction. Topics include management contracts and franchise agreements, sales and marketing, yield management and financial controls, distribution channels and performance indicators. This module aims to impart basic accounting and finance knowledge. Students will implement projects, participate in discussion forums and interact with industry practitioners. %PDF-1.6 %���� Students will be … Students will learn data gathering skills to better understand their target audience’s needs and requirements and persuasive skills to convince the audience to accept a new policy/suggestion/product through role-playing a boardroom presentation. Improve the skills of local residents in tourism business and marketing. Interning at Genting Highland Resort Malaysia was such an honour and privilege. h��V[k�J�+��r{�A1�����)=(�����!���f_������������7��J���0m�Y�:�T��35�����#�bJ���%�V)&5I(ͤ�PS�II�2�� � Many graduates work as representatives for major travel companies, but other graduates work as travel agents and tour guides. Students will be taught how to interpret and use financial accounting information for decision-making. Additionally, students will learn job interview techniques through role-plays and simulations. Gϔ��������Q��>����X��U�/ۏӶhK~W0�뽐��K��]�l�>���j��3�#�Oe5�o�W���N�BI�Njb�fZ�q�l��1��^�5&c�����q�(|!ᷯi�s�P��`8���gZ����$��t��|��ꮿ�/J&�U��JY���-��|�UH�N�T��n���++z�Ly��'zk�R3��` 6. 3.2. Activities include fundraisers, relationship building, activities, and participation at a national conference.

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