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western civilization quiz

the arts. Greek sculptors carved the human form in a graceful pose known as the, 27. 4) Question options: Question 19 2 / 2 points food, gold and slaves. the support of the German emperor Choose from 500 different sets of history quiz chapter 1 western civilization flashcards on Quizlet. , n 1 2 / 2 points English Peasants' Revolt. a means of promoting Italian universities. the Middle East. Question options: 2) To the Greeks, which two gods manifested the extremes of moderation and excess? realistic portrayals of the human body. vanishing point perspective. Find out now by playing this free map quiz game. elephants, lapis-lazuli and silk. 1) True Question 30 0 / 2 points C. inability to present a reasoned argument. Hrm 200 practice-exam-2014(chapter 1-17) | Human Resource Management homework help, Employee payroll withholding | Accounting homework help, Core database principles | Nursing homework help. D. destroy all cultures except the Greek culture. Derxia gummosa The primary cause of the Peloponnesian War was. 2) Western Civilization - A Concise History - Volume 1.pdf - Google Drive. 2) 3) 1) True Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! 4) 3100-2190 BCE. 50 1) 3) 4. The two founders of Greek historical writing were, B. 20 Question options: South America. 1) True What event prompted the Portuguese and others to find a new avenue for trade? A. was simply the product of human creativity and innovation. D. submitting to the husband’s will in all things. a period in intellectual and cultural history, marked by a new interest in the study of classical learning. Question 7 0 / 2 points 2) Choose from 500 different sets of western civilization flashcards on Quizlet. We have many repeat clients over the past. About This Quiz & Worksheet This quiz and its attached worksheet allow you to test your understanding of Western civilization. 2) a means of competition for political rivals. 56 / 60 - 93.33 %. Question 21 2 / 2 points Historians refer to the enormous exchange of plant and animal species, as well as bacteria and viruses, between the Old and New Worlds as the: Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Unlike most contemporary European rulers, Mongol khans were: The social mobility of the fourteenth century was made possible largely due to the: WHAT ARE THE THREE WAYS TO STUDY HISTORY? 4) the silk trade. CREATED WHAT LITERARY BOOK? D. rejection of an enduring moral order in the universe. Historians today generally use the term Renaissance to refer to: Western Civilization I test. Among Italian rulers, support for Renaissance artists was often: Study Western Civilization Flashcards at ProProfs - Chapter 9:The Heirs of Rome: Byzantium, Islam, and Latin Christendom He was the last Latin-speaking scholar of the Roman world to have mastered the Greek language and to 3) Marco Polo Phenomenon. usury. a period in European history when the northern countries dominated the culture of the Continent. D. was basically expressive and emotional. Question 27 2 / 2 points WHAT DOES FALLOW MEAN? Learn western civilization 1 with free interactive flashcards. meat, iron-ore and olive oil. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by the English in 1431. Question options: 1) True 1) Martin Luther D. have a balanced view of public and private life. defeat and annexation of Muslim Granada. tolerant of other religions. manufacturing. Chapter Summary After the rule of the Five Good Emperors (96-180) the strength of the Roman Empire declined, but the empire did not collapse. In 1488, Bartolomeu Dias: Few if any people believed the world was flat when Columbus began his voyage. During the Hundred Years' War, the English won an astounding victory at Agincourt in 1415. D. his ethical writings became the prevailing moral code of the West. About this Quiz This is an online quiz called Western Civilization map quiz There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. monogamous. 4) the Greek and Roman ages. Question options: Dante's Divine Comedy represents: 3) 1) Learn history quiz chapter 1 western civilization with free interactive flashcards. This Western Civilization Study Guide course is the simplest way to master Western civilization. The "Prince of the Humanists" was: the Trojan War. The Great Dying. B. set up an international league of city-states. Question 23 2 / 2 points Question options: C. the skeptical spirit rooted in democracy. 3) Italian artists of the Renaissance experimented with all of the following techniques EXCEPT: Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! Greek Fire. Plato’s most important contribution to Western philosophy was his. 1) Early Western Civilization Quiz 9 questionChivalry answerwas a means of legitimizing social positions acquired through either bravery or skill. Overall Grade (highest attempt): 4) D. the Ionic is more decorated than the Doric. Western Civilization Professor Orens REVIEW QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RENAISSANCE, THE REFORMATION, AND THE AGE OF ABSOLUTISM 1. 10. 3) Question 3 2 / 2 points C. create a united world based on Greek and Persian culture. From the Arab world, Italian merchants learned about and ultimately adopted a number of commercial practices and techniques that helped them stay at the forefront of the European economy. 2) False +City state outgrew it bounds. Question 14 2 / 2 points Covers chapters three, four, five and six. Question options: Western Civilization Exam 1 Flashcards | Quizlet Chapters 1-4: First Civilizations, Ancient Near East, The Egyptians, The Hebrews, The Greek City-State, Democracy and Greek Thought … the rifle. Question 24 2 / 2 points Gunpowder Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. 3) 20. 2) Romanov Question 28 2 / 2 points end of the Hundred Years' War. sailed across the Atlantic to Florida. Western Civilization Quiz - Pastebin.com The primary motive for European exploration during the Renaissance was Economic, the desire for precious metals and new areas for trade The religious crusading motive for exploration was strongest in D. Athens’s growing domination over the other city-states. Question 22 2 / 2 points Effective and well-designed online resources help you succeed in your courses--StudySpace is unmatched in providing a one-stop solution that's closely aligned with your textbook. 2) North America. 2) 3) 4) c. served as a model for many subsequent law codes in Western Europe. Question 13 2 / 2 points 1) True Western Civilization Quiz 2 Question 1 The Roman legal system Select one: a. distinguished between citizens and non-citizens. Question 18 2 / 2 points Question 6 2 / 2 points The invention of sailing ships in the late fifteenth century encouraged more trade. the English longbow D. the sharp distinction between science and philosophy. Just the same, how many can you actually identify without cheating? 24. Question 15 2 / 2 points The bacterial strain that causes the plague is: brass rubbing. Athens’s major religious shrines were located, 25. Choose from 500 different sets of western civilization 1 flashcards on Quizlet. Question options: One of his most famous works was In Praise of Folly, a scathing critique of the Church. After the Ottomans conquered Constantinople in 1453, they took over the established trade routes. 3) 18. 1. B. have everyone conform to a uniform way of thinking. Question 11 2 / 2 points 3) B. aiding Athens’s enemies during the Peloponnesian War. 2) B. he was considered to have the most comprehensive mind of the ancient world. trade. 4) Question 1 2 / 2 points The most important factor in the rise of Spain as a major European power was the: Question options: 1) end of the Hundred Years' War. Question options: THE STONE AGE CONSISTED OF … 2) OLD KINGDOM PERIOD IS FROM...? 2) False Question 16 2 / 2 points Question options: A. recognition in life that all human beings are equal. Constantine. b. allowed subjects of the Empire to maintain their own customs. 1) Black Death. a period in economic history when trade was reborn. 4) It’s also perfect if you have an upcoming geography quiz and need a study aid. the nadir of Italian vernacular writing. portraiture. banking. 4) C. his writings formed the core of much of classical learning. 1) 56 / 60 - 93.33 % 2) The Medici made their fortune in: 3) Petrarch WESTERN CIVILIZATION- EXAM 1 Take this quiz! The Venetians ended their exclusive trade treaty with the Ottoman Turks in 1445. Perhaps the most important contribution of Hellenic Greece to the Western tradition was. A. fuse African and Macedonian civilizations. highly educated. Aristotle’s Poetics claims that the purpose of tragedy is to, 9. 4) 2) QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Western Civilization Posted by Kara Brown on 1/23/19 4:24 PM Tweet Niccolò Machiavelli's work suggests that he was more of a political theorist than a political realist. C. because they feared sexually transmitted diseases in time of war. Western Civilization Quiz 3 Question 1 Which of the following best describes the consequence of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453? Aristotle has influenced Western thought in all of the following ways EXCEPT that. 2) False The American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl (AHWCCB) is an academic competition and scholarship for college/university student teams who compete in their knowledge and understanding of Western Civilization and of America’s history, founding philosophy, governance, and civic institutions in order to determine America’s top colleges in educating students on these subjects. profit. Attempt Score: Question 17 2 / 2 points Question options: The most famous and most successful comic playwright was, 11. Sign in. 4) 1) D. the building of walls around the Aegean. C. an ideal society run by philosopher-kings. Desiderius Erasmus 1) 4) Crusades. By the mid-15th century, Portuguese explorers were venturing southward along the Atlantic coast of Africa in search of: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”, 15. Question options: Study Flashcards On Western Civilization Exam 1 at Cram.com. Question options: Question options: Assignmentseden aims to provide professional academic writing services to students all over the world. 2) 2) C. dealing with the lives of ordinary Greek citizens. 2) defeat and annexation of Muslim Granada. 2) False 2) Western Civilization I: Chapter 1 The birth of civilization. B. Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. Leonardo da Vinci considered artists to be skilled craftsmen. the time of the Church Fathers. 1) The collapse of Indonesia in 1433 sparked a rush to enter the spice market. Question 25 2 / 2 points 1) Welcome to the Student Studyspace for Western Civilizations, Brief 3rd Edition. 1) 1) In the beginning the human species surv… About 10,000 years ago, some people mad… What is a civilization? Question 2 2 / 2 points deeply religious. 3) Question options: C. the Ionic column has a capital that looks like a double scroll or the horns of a ram. Petrarch believed that the "Dark Ages" were not the pagan past, but the Middle Ages, the time that separated him from: 1) 2) the longbow. discovered Haiti. 1) Question 8 2 / 2 points a clear adoption of Christian principles and a rejection of classical learning. 2) 3) 1) 3) Question 4 2 / 2 points Medici a period of intellectual rebirth after the Dark Ages, when learning had been extinguished. a way of beautifying the homes of wealthy Italians. Question options: View Quiz 2 Review Questions.doc from HIST 100 at George Mason University. rounded the southern tip of Africa. The life of Socrates is known mainly through. 2) D. an ideal society under a government run by soldiers. Many of the Spanish conquistadors who invaded South and Central America had acquired their military experience from the wars against the Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula. 3) Question options: Places were overpopulated. D. ignored the way that the world operated. The Greek tragedian who wrote moral and religious plays focusing on the vice of hubris in … beginning of the Hundred Years' War. 1) True Question 29 2 / 2 points Students will develop a basic understanding of chronology, events, movements (cultural, economic, environmental & political), persons, and literary works from the Western Tradition. Petrarch Benefiting from the fragmentation of the Church during the era of the Babylonian Captivity and the Great Western Schism, Italian bankers came to charge interest on loans, becoming the first Christians to defy the church's ban on: 2) False 2) Question options: Euripides wrote plays that can be described as. a fusion of classical and Christian cultures. WHAT IS CULTURE? CLEP Western Civilization I Practice Test For those wishing to gain Western Civilization I credit without taking the actual class, the CLEP Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 is the ideal solution for you. Question 12 2 / 2 points Martin Luther B. uniform religion with one major deity. Western Europe: Countries - Map Quiz Game: When most people say “Europe,” they are really thinking of just a few countries in Western Europe. A. his ideas were later accepted as authoritative by the Catholic church. 3) 1) True 22. 2) Question 9 2 / 2 points the Black Death, which first decimated the French troops Question 20 2 / 2 points 3) Question options: Aside from his work on Biblical translations, ____________ also edited, translated, and published ancient pagan texts, like Cicero's, and the works of many pivotal religious authors, especially Saint Jerome. Question options: Study Flashcards On Western Civilization Quiz #3 at Cram.com. Russia. B. the unquestioning obedience to the state. 3. Browse from thousands of Western Civilization questions and answers (Q&A). Quiz Bowl Sports Trivia Tarot Cards Western Civilization Flashcards Tags: History, Humanities & Social Studies, Western Civilization Learn cultural ideas, ancestral beliefs, and more. the canon. In a famous speech, Pericles boasted that Athens, 5. 1) Our customers willingly show their appreciation for good work. Cram.com makes it easy to … 1) unification of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. 4) 2) False A comparison of the Doric and Ionic orders of columns reveals that. Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our Western Civilization … C. argued that knowledge is derived from studying the material world. In the Late Middle Ages, the ability to defend castles was severely undermined by: Socrates criticized the Sophists for their. 6. HAMMURABI (I.E.~1792-1750 B.C.E.) 8. 4) The dream of Alexander the Great was to. the two tablets with the ten commandments and the road of AARON B. most of the early temples were built with Doric columns. 4) 60 2) False Question 5 2 / 2 points 3) 4) In the play Lysistrata, Aristophanes has the women of Athens and Sparta withold sex from their husbands. 4) government. Discusses the "dark age", the Roman Empire, and many other topics. One of the ideals the Greeks strived for was a. 3) spices, salt and opium. What helped them achieve this victory? B. WHAT ARE MEGALITHS? Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. 3) Free practice tests for CLEP Western Civilization I: Our free practice questions and study guides are here to help you brush up your skills and prepare to ace your CLEP Western Civilization I exam. Haemophilus ducreyi Question 10 2 / 2 points Some questions to help you prepare for the Western Civilization I CLEP test. C. refusing to swear loyalty to the Athenian government. Question 26 2 / 2 points C. strive toward a perfection, an ideal form. 2. the time of Jesus. B. thought that the senses were to be ignored. sailed through the Straights of Gibralter. Question options: Question options: 3) Question options: 2) False Question options: Columbian Exchange. Question options: During the Hellenic Age, a dominant feature of Greek society was. 1) Desiderius Erasmus a way for ruling families to develop their own artistic skills. Florence was a republic, however, by 1434 real power was in the hand of the _________ family. 90 Question options: 26. Question options: The Magellan Effect. 4) Learn western civilization with free interactive flashcards. Petrarch. For any questions, feedback, or comments, we have an ethical customer support team that is always waiting on the line for your inquiries. As much as ____% of the native people of the Americas died within a few generations of Columbus's arrival. 17. 2) Sign in C. served ethical and educational functions. Livy 4) Question options: Quiz Submissions - Module 5 Quiz Anjiu Huang (username: ahuang4) Attempt 1 Written: Dec 2, 2020 6:34 PM - Dec 2, 2020 7:20 PM Submission View Your quiz has been submitted successfully. the pinnacle of Latin prose. 1) Western civilization quiz: classical greece - Assignmentseden 1. 13. Lorenzo 1) True 4) 23. Who is known as the “father of medicine”? Xenophon reasoned that married women’s responsibilities included all of the following EXCEPT. 3) 1) Pasteurella gallinarum Yersinia pestis 4) 1) 1) Much of the prosperity of northern Italy was based on the trade ties Italy maintained with: History 102: Western Civilization II Final Exam Take this practice test to check your existing knowledge of the course material. BETWEEN WHAT DATES IS THE PRE-HISTORIC PERIOD? Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes us one of the best academic writing agencies in the world. exile of the Jews from Spain. Question options: 2) Question options: Ottoman society was closed and intolerant. D. to protect their cities against the ravages of the Persian armies. 4) During the Hellenic Age, a dominant feature of Greek society was A. equality between men and women. The most important factor in the rise of Spain as a major European power was the: Quiz & Worksheet - Post-WWII Western Civilization Quiz Course Try it risk-free for 30 days Instructions: Choose an answer and hit 'next'. The Renaissance was chronologically distinct from the late Middle Ages. Study Flashcards On Western Civilization Quiz 1 at Cram.com.

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