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types of specification in construction ppt

Contents:Types of Geotextile1. In fact the blue – print stage” is the last and crucial stage in an evaluation plan since it enables the teacher to combine properly the objective and the content areas, bearing in mind the importance and the weight attached to each areas. Specifications … The next step in making the table of specifications is to write down how long you spent teaching a particular topic. electro-fused or compression fittings etc), or 28-day compressive strength of concrete. It provides a complete view of a building. a) Standard Specifications. testing required for earthworks (i.e. The client advertises the tender offer in the local newspaper. 7-Thermal and Moisture Protection. Our latest construction specification software, NBS Chorus, can be described as a ‘master specification’ platform, which means that technical teams at NBS have pre-authored hundreds of master clauses – to provide repeatable, reusable templates and associated contextual guidance to help specifiers make decisions, whilst still giving them the freedom to write their own to complete … Akem and Agbe (2003) revealed that table of specification is an outline relating behavior to topics. What is a Specification Document Specifications are one of the basic components that make up the contract agreement between the Owner and the Contractor. Generally the steel is of two types mentioned below. Being included in the … For further information, please visit our qualification websites at www.edexcel.com, … 1 Architectural Drawing: This type of drawing provides complete view of a building. RCC is the most important concrete type. Geotextile is a synthetic permeable textile material used to improve the soil characteristics. Chassis,Frame and Body construction notes PDF/ PPT This post covers the construction of chassis, frame and body of the vehicle which is the one of the contents of vehicle structure and engines of the subject Automobile Engineering. Precast Concrete: This term refers to numerous types of concrete shapes that are cast into molds either in a factory or at the site. Lump Sum or Fixed Price Contract Type. Edexcel, BTEC and LCCI qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked . They can either be controlled from an operator in a cab that travels along with the crane, by a push button pendant control station, or by radio type controls. Issue 3 . Chassis. Runway construction - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. 1-General Requirements. First teaching September 2019 . The different types of construction drawings are listed below. • Types/Methods of Specifying • Specification Writing • Specification Language Agenda • CSI Master Format • Data Center Examples • Master Specs • Risk Management. The cost of an unit quantity of work is governed by its specifications. This group works to come up with a single standard for style and format, depending on the type of specifications needed. Paint finishes can be used for esthetic purposes, permanent or temporary protection, and color identification. Centrifugal pumps can provide a … This is one of the types of construction drawings. Mechanical switch is a switch in which two metal plates touch each other to make a physical contact for the current to flow and separate from each other to interrupt the flow of current. Jim Rogers helps you acquire this important skillset by taking you through the different components that make up construction plans, and helping you understand the language of construction drawings. This is important because it will determine how many points you should devote for each topic. Construction Documents. Competitive tendering Open; Selective; Negotiated tendering. Prescriptive specifications provide step-by-step details and instructions on how the types of materials to be used and the desired … Thus, the resulting material (RCC) is capable of bearing all types of stress in any type of construction. The two general types of construction are the open or ventilated dry-type transformer and the sealed or closed-tank type. Types of Specifications Purpose of giving Specifications. decision on what types of items to be used. The cells are constructed in various shapes and styles to suit the requirements of site. A lump sum or fixed price contract is the type of contract where all construction-related activities are regulated with a total fixed price agreement. Giving detail and key information about the proposed works and inviting interested contractor to tender. Each project is unique and will need a different set of specifications and most likely corresponding packages. polyethylene pipes or UPVC), joining methods (e.g. The specification also serves as an opportunity to make reference to specific local standards that are applicable to the job leaving nobody in any doubt as to what kind of compliance is required. • Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Master format organizes project information into major divisions. In the steel construction sector, the same types of paint are used from project to project. There several design programs out there but nothing like 3-D and 2-D Modeling can give architects and designers a more accurate example to articulate the end-product needed for the subcontractors to build. Specification . It is important to keep dry-type transformer enclosures clean and the area around them clear. No extra in any form will be paid unless it is definitely stated as an item in the Bill of Quantities. In construction industry formwork is similar to a mold to cast concrete member in different shape and sizes using different types of materials such as timber, steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. Standard Specification. Types of tendering. There are different types of Mechanical switches which can be additionally categorized on the basis of power handling capacity. 7. Each type of paint is designed to meet specific needs to satisfy the particular requirements of each individual project. in Construction . They do not include cost, quantity or drawn information, and so need to be read alongside other information such as quantities, schedules and drawings. 6-Wood and Plastics. Main Types of Construction Specifications. Ø To construct any automobile, chassis is the basic requirement. There are several of types of specifications that are commonly used. 5-Metals. Prescriptive Specs. Centrifugal pumps are used in many construction and water system applications, in addition to dewatering. • A list of the CSI numbers and titles includes : 0-Bidding and Contracting Requirements. 4-Masonry. A specification is an essential document for all construction projects, helping to ensure that the constructed entity is of suitable quality and meets expected design requirements. To help formulate uniform construction standards, the Construction Specifications Institute was formed. This article has been prepared to introduce the purpose and use of specifications on construction projects. Ventilated dry-type transformers are usually varnish impregnated or cast coil construction. It also offers certifications for those who write and manage such specifications. a. Provides professional practitioners with best practice guidance relevant to the tasks and processes of design and specification for small to medium-size construction projects. • Requirements for Material Testing e.g. However, there are three main types of construction specifications commonly used on projects: Prescriptive: Provides details on the types of materials and installations needed to complete a project. However, they are not used in construction until they completely set and hardened in a controlled condition. Specification for construction - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Detailed Specifications have two major types as follow. Geotextiles are ideal materials for many infrastructure works such as roads, harbors, landfills, drainage structures, and other civil projects. 8-Doors and Windows…. They are also used to pump water from domestic wells and to boost pressure in water intake lines. The construction of runways is similar to that of roads in that the type of pavement required depends on the loads needing to be carried, although the stresses applied by aircraft can be very high and variable, up to 8 times greater than those on roads. General The Work shall be carried out according to these Specifications whether specifically mentioned elsewhere or not. b) Special Specifications. Specifications of Building Construction (Civil) Works 1. Design and Specification, 1st … This type of dam is used in construction of dams, locks, weirs etc. 2-Site Construction. References. They are employed to pump water supplies in buildings and are compatible with pneumatic systems and where no suction lift is required. 5. Brick and block can be one of the cheapest construction types. An architectural drawing is a technical rendition of a building (or building … It has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain when used in association with soils. Click: Types of frame construction. Most builders would prefer to build in masonry, so builders tend to price a bit more competitively, and of course a lot of ‘self-builders’ are in the trade, so they have more chance of getting better rates from mates or family in the trade, than they will from a timber frame company. It demonstrates the location of building and all building parts where they will be placed. Specification of a work is required to describe the quality and quantity of different materials required for a construction work and is one of the essential contract documents. 3-Concrete. The following are some of the most common forms: Performance Specification—A type of specification in which the goods and/or services are described in terms of required performance. The top 7 types of construction cranes are normally temporary structures, either fixed to the ground or mounted on a custom built vehicle. Structural Steel: This specification covers steel sections, plates and bars of the following categories for use in structural work:- Quality of Finished Structural steel. Edexcel, BTEC and LCCI qualifications . There are publishers that, for a fee, will write a guide specification for a manufacturer and publish the specification on the publisher's website. This also specifies the workmanship and the method of doing the work. Cellular cofferdam is made by driving straight web steel sheet piles, arranged to form a series of interconnected cells. Types of Construction Contract Specifications. Structural steel ; Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars for concrete reinforcement. Shuttering is a synonym term used for form-work. Ø French term. Specifications describe the products, materials and work required by a construction contract. Different types of contracts, which are contained within each of these two types of groups, may be used separately or in combination with one another. • Material specifications – such as diameter, type and grade of material for pipes (e.g. Serial; Nominative; Open tender ; Open tendering is the main tendering procedures employed by both the government and private sector. This type of Specification of constructional work is written down and published in departments of engineering that will eliminate the need of writing Specifications in details. There are different types of architectural drawings with different names such as plan, elevation, section etc. Guide Specification: This is a type of master specification that is published by a building product manufacturer to help an architect write a project specification that is based on the manufacturer's products. Step 4- Determine the Test Types for each objective. Logically, the longer time you spent on teaching a material, then the more questions should be devoted for that area. Types of Steel . Generally, there are three different types of construction specifications found in contracts: prescriptive specifications, performance specifications, and proprietary specifications. Types of Mechanical Switches. A good specification should give a clear indication of the levels of quality you expect, the types of materials you want to be used on the job and how they should be installed, finished or tested.

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